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MISHKA Book One of The Quadrate Mind

MISHKA received the Published Fiction Third Place Award in the 2005 Arizona Literary Contest and Book Awards.

Winner in the Pikes Peak Writers’ 2000 Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest.

Galactic Union war fleets are at the brink of mutiny, battling for control of the Mishka and the secret they guard—a secret that could mean destruction, or salvation, for all civilization.

Tiny and gentle, the Mishka welcome Ambassador Allyah Ahern into their culture and their hearts. Their secret pulls her deeply into a mystery where only the Prince, the Guardian, the Mystic and the Integrator can save the Mishka and the Galactic Union.

Satisfying from beginning to end, MISHKA is a suspenseful science fiction adventure novel filled with captivating depth and surprising insights.

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